Last updated on: January 19 2023.

F5OS-A 1.1.0 - rSeries r4000/r2000 Platform Overview


The F5 rSeries r2000 and r4000 are F5’s next-generation cloud scale appliances that replace the current iSeries i2000 and i4000 platforms with a completely re-architected system incorporating K3S and improved optics and port configurations These platforms are capable of running current BIG-IP software as tenants while be prepared for F5’s future, BIG-IP Next.

r2000 Front Panel View

R2000 Front Panel

r4000 Front Panel View

R4000 Front Panel

Platform ID

  • r2000 (c130)

  • r4000 (c131)

Key Differentiators

rSeries r2000 rSeries r4000
8-Core Intel Atom CPU (no multithreading) 16-Core Intel Atom CPU (no multithreading)
K3S with 1 tenant K3S with Multi-Tenancy (up to 4 depending on license)
HVDC Compliant HVDC Compliant
Hardware offload SSL using Intel QATUp to 15k tps Hardware offload SSL using Intel QATUp to 45K tps

The rSeries r2000 and r4000 are Throttled Appliances based on license.

Throttling refers to disabling CPUs to achieve a customer’s desired level of performance and price.

What is the difference between throttled and unthrottled appliances?

  • Unthrottled models allow all available CPU resources to be used by the customer for tenancy (minus CPU used for F5OS).

  • The lower-end Pay-as-you-Grow models x600 and x800 will disable or throttle some CPUs to meet specific customer requirements.

rSeries Appliance software

The rSeries is shipping with F5OS-A 1.1.0

For information about installing and upgrading software on F5 rSeries platforms, please see the F5 rSeries Systems: Software Installation and Upgrade guide for the F5OS-A 1.1.0 release in the F5OS Knowledge Center.

rSeries Tenant software

The rSeries is shipping with BIG-IP v15.1.6 as a tenant. The next major version supported will be BIG-IP v17.1

F5OS-A and TMOS tenant compatibility can be checked in the F5 Hardware/Software Compatibility Matrix

  • Important: Versions 16.x and v17.0 will NOT be supported on the rSeries platforms.

  • rSeries Tenant base images are available on

  • These are needed for initial deployment of the tenant

  • Once deployed tenants are upgraded from within TMOS via an ISO

Quick Specs

rSeries r2600 / r2800 / r4600 / r4800

Performance Metric r2600 r2800 r4600 r4800
L4 Throughput 20 Gbps 25 Gbps 40 Gbps 50 Gbps
L7 Throughput 13 Gbps 17 Gbps 30 Gbps 40 Gbps
Compression 6 Gbps(QAT compress + verify) 15 Gbps(QAT compress + verify) 20 Gbps(QAT compress + verify) 30 Gbps(QAT compress + verify)

CLI / TMSH commands

To understand the CLI of the rSeries see the F5OS-A-1.0.0 CLI Reference (External)


To understand how API’s are utilized on the rSeries, See the F5OS-A API Reference (External)

Licensing, Provisioning, and other Requirements

  • Licensing in rSeries follows the same model as iSeries

  • The entire appliance is licensed, and tenants will inherit licenses from the appliance

  • Multitenancy is supported on all rSeries models (except for r2000 which supports maximum of 1 tenant regardless of license)

  • Licensing is Pay-as-you-grow - this provides value to customers as they grow, they don’t need to purchase additional licenses

  • ASM is being replaced with AWAF for standalone and bundled SKU’s (BEST)

  • AAM is not supported on rSeries as it is EoS, it wasn’t supported on iSeries, bur some Bourne customers may be utilizing it

Known Issues

Port Profile limitations

The Hardware NIC on the r2000/r4000 appliances support a maximum bandwidth of 100Gb, therefore If all front panel ports were configured for max bandwidth, it would exceed this value. To mitigate this issue there are three different port-profiles that will allow for configurations of ports and speeds so that the bandwidth is not exceeded.

The supported profiles are:

  • 8 x 10Gb/1Gb (4 copper and 4 fiber)

  • 4 x 25Gb/10Gb/1Gb (4 fiber) – 4 copper ports disabled

  • 2 x 25Gb/10Gb/1Gb (fiber) – 4 x 10Gb/1Gb copper 2 fiber ports disabled

r2000 and r4000 Port Options

Version based feature limitations

The rSeries platforms will be launching with a 15.X release and will not be supported by the 16.X release

The planned release is for these features to be supported is BIG-IP v17.1

The following features are not currently Supported on the rSeries platform:

  • All 16.x developed features

  • FIPS(integrated HSM)

  • FIPS (Box/Tenant)

  • Network HSM

  • Full Tunnel Support:

  • DAG Features

    • IPPort DAG

    • Round Robin DAG

    • SPDAG

    • Port has DAG

  • Jumbo Frames MTU


  • PEM

  • AFM software only (no hardware acceleration)

  • The r2000 / r4000 will support both F5-UPG-SFPC-R and F5-UPG-SFPC+-3M-8 transceivers with one caveat:

    • F5-UPG-SFPC-R will only be supported at 1Gbps on r2000/r4000, there is no support for 10Mbps or 100Mbps speeds

Additional Pictures

3/4 Front Isometric View:


Rear View with Single AC PSU:


Rear View with Single DC PSU:


Rear View with Single HVDC PSU:


AC PSU Removal:


AC PSU Label:


SSD Removal:


360 Degree Rotating Platform: