FAST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FAST (F5 Application Services Templates)?

The F5 Application Services Templates extension, or FAST, provides a way to streamline deployment of AS3 applications onto BIG-IP using AS3 deployment patterns, or templates. FAST is the next phase of evolution for F5, unlocking new capabilities, aligning to multi-cloud, injecting automation, and empowering customers with our best-in-class application services.

See About F5 Application Services Templates for a more in-depth description of FAST.

FAST is:

  • A new, flexible, and powerful front-end templating system

  • An effective way to deploy applications on the BIG-IP system using AS3

  • A cross-platform successor to iApp templates, built on top of our declarative APIs

  • Seamless integration and insertion into CI/CD pipelines

  • Compatibility with modern development languages like Node.js and Python

Do FAST templates utilize AS3?

FAST uses AS3 declarations to deploy applications and tenants. The declarative API represents the configuration which AS3 is responsible for creating on a BIG-IP system. Therefore, if you manually edit a FAST template outside of FAST using a method such as TMSH for example, the changes will be overwritten the next time FAST modifies the tenant. Once a FAST template is used to deploy an application and tenant on a BIG-IP, it should be used for that application and tenant.

Does FAST collect any usage data?

The F5 Application Services Template (FAST) gathers non-identifiable usage data for the purposes of improving the product as outlined in the end user license agreement for BIG-IP. To opt out of data collection, disable the BIG-IP systems phone home feature as described in K15000: Overview of the Automatic Update check and Automatic Phone Home features, Disabling the Automatic Phone Home feature section.

What F5 platforms does FAST support?

FAST is initially targeted to the BIG-IP.

Is FAST supported?

Yes, beginning with v1.0 FAST is supported with the following requirements:

What does this mean for iApp templates?

iApp templates will not be removed or disabled and users are free to continue using iApp templates, subject to the EoL timeline.

For additional information, see K13422: F5-supported and F5-contributed iApp templates.

Are self-authored templates encrypted?

When authoring a template, be cautious when entering sensitive data into your template such as passwords, certificates and monitor information to name a few. FAST does not encrypt the data and it will remain as plain text. Careful consideration should be made when adding this type of data onto the template.

I want to remove all saved templates at once, how do I do this?

A DELETE to the /templatesets endpoint will remove all installed Template Sets (including the ones shipped with the RPM):

curl -sku admin:Pass1w0rd -X DELETE

Saved templates can be removed individually using the BIG-IP GUI.

Where can I find a list of known issues with FAST?

All known issues are now on GitHub as Issues for better tracking and visibility.

See issues with a label of Known Issue at