Install / Upgrade / Uninstall

The following information will assist in installing and uninstalling F5 BIG-IP FAST on the BIG-IP.



1. Download the BIG-IP FAST extension RPM from BIG-IP FAST GitHub
  • Choose the most current version

  • Under the Assets section, click the .rpm file, downloading to a location accessible from the BIG-IP

  1. From the BIG-IP management GUI, install the extension by navigating to iApps > Package Management LX

  2. Click Import then select the RPM you downloaded

  3. Click Upload

Once the package is imported, f5-appsvcs-templates will appear in the list of installed extensions.


On BIG-IP versions prior to 14.0, the iApps LX framework must be enabled before the Configuration utility is visible. To do this, run the following command on the BIG-IP: touch /var/config/rest/iapps/enable. This command only needs to be run once (per BIG-IP system). This is not necessary with BIG-IP 14.0 and later.

Upgrading BIG-IP FAST

When F5 releases a new version of BIG-IP FAST, use the same procedure you used to initially install the RPM. See the Installation instructions above.


  • TMUI caches iApps LX GUIs and the cache needs to be cleared on BIG-IP FAST upgrades to get the GUI changes (i.e., use a cache-clearing refresh or reset depending on the browser)

  • BIG-IP FAST follows semantic versioning and all releases of BIG-IP FAST, and bundled template sets, are backward compatible with previous releases in the same major version

Uninstalling BIG-IP FAST

To completely uninstall, and remove, the “F5 Applications Services Templates” entry from the GUI, perform the following steps:

  1. iApps> Package Management LX select f5-appsvcs-templates, click Uninstall then Yes to confirm

  2. iApps> Application Services> Applications LX select F5 Applications Services Templates, click Undeploy

  3. iApps> Application Services> Applications LX select F5 Applications Services Templates, click Delete then Yes to confirm deletion

The result should be a Status of There are no applications listed.