Document Revision History

Doc Revision Description Date
2.0 Updated the documentation for FAST v0.3.0. This release contains the following changes:
* Added a TCP template
* Added validation around minimum values to bigip-fast-templates
* Added use shareNodes for pool members bigip-fast-templates/http
* Auto-refresh the Deploy Log when there is an “in progress” task
* Added buttons to Add and Remove template sets
* Added button to Update template sets that are out-of-date with the RPM
* Added support for logging REST responses and requests
* Added hashes for templates and template sets to /info endpoint
* The Interface now displays which template sets have a supported hash
* Added support for showing which template sets have a supported hash
* Added schema and schema hashes to /info endpoint
* Added initial TEEM integration
* Changed the form buttons on the Deploy tab to disable until a template is loaded
* Changed iApps LX application state to BOUND instead of UNBOUND. Status dot on Application Service List is now green

Issues Resolved
* Fixed an issue deleting template sets
* Fixed an issue running FAST on BIG-IP 13.1
* Fixed parsing issues when there are multiple dependencies
1.0 Documentation for the community-supported preview of FAST templates, version 0.2.0. This release contains the following changes from the v0.1.0 release:
* Various fixes for parsing nested sections and partials
* Allow coercion of sections into strings
* Add defaults for primitive types (default to empty/false values)
* Allow getting variable title and descriptions from the template definitions list
* Added descriptions and titles added to the HTTP template
* Improved ordering of fields in the HTTP template