Getting Started

This guide contains information about how to install and use F5 Application Services Templates.

About F5 Application Services Templates

The F5 Application Services Templates extension, or FAST, provides a way to streamline deployment of applications on BIG-IP using templatized AS3 declarations.

AS3 applications deployed through FAST can be managed using FAST. FAST auto-generates web forms custom to your templates for creating and modifying applications, and provides visibility into what FAST applications are configured on your BIG-IP.

The extension comes with a base set of templates for common use cases such as TCP or HTTPS. New templates can be created to satisfy specific needs of any infrastructure.


See Install / Uninstall for installation instructions.


On BIG-IP versions prior to 14.0, the iApps LX framework must be enabled before the Configuration utility is visible. To do this, run the following command on the BIG-IP: touch /var/config/rest/iapps/enable. This command only needs to be run once (per BIG-IP system). This is not necessary with BIG-IP 14.0 and later.

Usage Quick Start

  1. The extension’s UI can be found by navigating to iApps > Application Services > Applications LX

  2. Click F5 Application Services Templates to start using FAST. There is a navigation menu at the top, and the initial tab displays a list of FAST applications on the BIG-IP, which will likely be empty on a fresh installation.

  3. To create an application, first click on the Deploy tab. This will display a list of available templates that are ready to deploy.

  4. Click one of the template names, fill out the required fields, and then click Submit.

  5. Upon successful submission, the page will redirect to the Deploy Log, where there current status of the deploy action can be seen.

  6. After the task is successful, return to the Applications tab to see the deployed application. From here the application can be modified or deleted.


    Modifying FAST applications outside of FAST (e.g., via TMSH or with AS3 declarations) can result in those changes getting overwritten the next time FAST modifies the application. See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

Next Steps

Continue with GUI Overview for information on using the interface, or use the left navigation to go to a specific page.