Managing F5 BIG-IP FAST Templates

BIG-IP FAST allows users the flexibility to update F5 supplied templates via the REST API, add new template sets and remove template sets.

Updating F5 Template Sets

From time to time, the F5 supplied base template sets, those shipped with the RPM, will be updated.
In versions prior to v1.9, this was a manual process of clicking the “Update” button in the ACTIONS column.
Beginning with v1.9, template updates will automatically be applied during the BIG-IP FAST RPM update installation.
BIG-IP FAST will receive a push notification if an update has been made to a template set in the main repo, indicated by a tag of Update Available.

Template sets can also be updated using the REST API for installing Template Sets.
In the case where a base template set is being updated, the POST can be sent to /mgmt/shared/fast/templatesets without first uploading a template set since the template set is already on the BIG-IP.

Adding New Template Sets

BIG-IP FAST allows for the addition of custom template sets from a .zip file. For authoring these custom template sets, see Creating New Templates.

To install a custom template set from the GUI, navigate to the FAST Templates tab, and click the Add Template Set From button, making sure File is chosen from the dropdown list.
Navigate to the location of the template set .zip file, and click Open.
The added template set will display in the template set list.

BIG-IP FAST also allows for the storing of template sets on GitLab and/or GitHub then upload using the GUI> FAST Templates tab, or with API calls.

GUI Offbox Templates

The endpoint is offbox-templatesets which is used for updating/modifying templatesets.

To install a custom template set from GitHub/GitLab using the GUI, navigate to the FAST Templates tab:
Using the Field dropdown, choose either GitHub or GitLab, then click the Add Template Set From button.
Populate the dialog box with the Repository, Auth Token (if using a private repo), Repository Subdirectory (if used), Git Ref (branch name) and Installed Set Name.
Note: GitLab has as additional field for URL.
Click Install to install the template set. The template set will show up in the list of available templates.

API Offbox Templates

To install a custom template set from GitHub/GitLab using API calls with an API platform such as Postman:
Using a Post request, the Body will be similar to the following:

    "gitHubRepo": <set as variable>
    "gitSubDir": <if appicable>
    "gitToken": <access token if using a private repo>   or
    "unprotected": true <if using a public repo>
    "gitRef": <branch name>

Once the declaration is posted, the template set will appear on the BIG-IP GUI page in the list of available templates with the GitHub/GitLab logo indicating the installation type.

Managing Offbox Endpoint

The offbox-templatesets endpoint is intended to be used for updating/modifying template sets.
The following is an example of how the endpoint may be used.

Check status: compares with the remote version checking for available updates.
Example of the POST payload:

    "methods": [
            "name": "status"


A gitToken requires read-only permissions and, for security reasons, should be scoped appropriately.

Removing Template Sets

BIG-IP FAST allows for the removing of both user added, and RPM installed, template sets.
From the FAST Templates tab, click the Remove button located above the template set.
A confirmation dialog will display with the options to Cancel or Continue the removal.
Template sets that are in-use by a BIG-IP FAST application cannot be removed.

Reinstalling Base Template Sets

To reinstall a base Template Set, one that shipped with the RPM, use the REST API for installing Template Sets.
For the Template Set name use bigip-fast-templates or examples.