Getting Started

Lab Components

The following table lists the virtual resources and credentials you will be deploying and utilizing for this lab. Relevant access endpoints will be dynamically generated via Terraform.

System Type Credentials Description
F5 BIG-IP(s) bigipuser / F5Student! Provides L4/L7 ADC services
NGINX(s) appuser / F5Student! Example backend applicatin workloads
Hashicorp Consul Server consuluser / F5Student! Provides backend service discovery and scaling operation logging
ELK Stack Server elastic / F5Student! Provides application monitoring and alerting services
Locust N/A Load generation tool

Starting the Lab

In order to complete this lab, you utilize F5's Unified Demo Framework (UDF) and connect to a linux jump host as well as your local browser, (Mozilla Firefox recommended). Use the below steps to access your jump box. In later lab sections you will interact with the environment using the jump box too access tools, (VS Code and Locust).

  1. Navigate to the UDF environment, ( and deploy the Agility 2021 - Performance-based Autoscaling blueprint.

  2. Click on the Components tab in your UDF deployment


As illustrated above, you will access the 'client' system via 'VS CODE' and 'LOCUST' access to complete the lab. These access links will open tabs on your local browser.