Module 8 - Establishing Application Traffic Baseline

NGINX App Protect DoS is based on learning and analyzing all traffic to the web application. It builds baselines for what traffic should look like and identifies anomalies when server stress is detected.

Establish Baseline

  1. Open WebShell to the Legitimate Traffic Generator VM (UDF > Components > Systems > Legitimate Traffic Generator > Access > Web Shell)
  2. Run the good traffic script
  1. Allow good traffic to run, and proceed with the next steps
  2. Click Kibana on the Access pulldown on the ELK VM (UDF > Components > Systems > ELK > Access > Kibana)
  1. Click the menu button in the upper left corner ( button with 3 horizontal lines)
  1. Under Analytics click Discover (second option down)
  1. In the search bar, type learning_confidence. Under Available Fields, Click the word learning_confidence.
  1. Under the Multi fields section, Click the ‘+’ button to the right of learning_confidence.keyword.

It will take a few minutes of running the script to create a baseline traffic profile, you will see “Ready” and/or “Not ready” states indicated.

  1. Repeat steps 7 & 8 adding vs_name and unit_hostname as additional selected fields.


If after few minutes of running good traffic there is still a “Not ready” state indicated, click on learning_confidence located under the “Filter by type” column. Then, click on the ‘+’ under “Top 5 values” and select “Ready”.

../../_images/ready_filter.jpg ../../_images/vs_name-unit_hostname.png
  1. On the Legitimate Traffic Generator WebShell, press Ctrl+C to exit the script and close the WebShell tab in your browser.