4.4. Review the Access Policy and AAA configurationΒΆ

  • From the Main menu on the left, select Access > Authentication > NTLM > NTLM Auth Configuration.

  • Select f5labs.com_ntlm_aaa from the NTLM Auth Configuration list. The following screen should appear:

    f5labs.com NTLM Auth Configuration

  • Machine Account Name is the name of the security object that is added to the domain as a Computer Account. Domain Controller FQDN List contains a list of the domain servers (in this lab there is only one).

  • From the main menu select Access > Profiles / Policies > Access Profiles (Per-Session Policies). The following screen should appear:

    Access Profile List

  • Click on the Edit button next to the f5labs-ntlm-ap access profile. The following Access Policy should appear in the Visual Policy Editor:

    f5labs-ntlm-ap Access Policy (VPE)

  • Close the Visual Policy Editor