5. Conclusion

This is the end of the SSLO 201: Advanced Use Cases lab. Thank you for participating!

You may now close your RDP session and log out of the UDF lab environment.

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6. SSL Orchestrator Labs

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7. Contributors

This lab and related presentation content wouldn't exist without the dedication of the following individuals:

  • Regan Anderson
  • Syed Ghani
  • Jason Chiu
  • Nilesh Mistry
  • Chris Sheehan

8. Revision History

Version Contributors Changes
SSLO 7.x (Agility 2020) Regan Anderson, Syed Ghani Lab created (2 hr duration) – UDF, BIG-IP 15.1/SSLO 7.x
SSLO 8.x (Agility 2021) Jason Chiu, Nilesh Mistry Updated to BIG-IP 16.0/SSLO 8.x, added internal layered architecture
SSLO 9.x (Agility 2022) Chris Sheehan, Nilesh Mistry Updated to BIG-IP 16.1/SSLO 9.x, added WAFaaS

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