4.5. Modify Existing TopologyΒΆ

Modify the existing f5labs_explicit topology so that it uses a different IP address and listens on an empty VLAN. The current IP address will be re-assigned to the topology steering virtual server in a later step.

  • From the Main menu on the left, select SSL Orchestrator > Configuration

  • In the Topology list click on sslo_f5labs_explicit. The topology summary screen will appear.

  • Click the edit icon (Pencil Icon) to the right of Interception Rule

    Edit Interception Rule from Topology Summary

  • Change the IPV4 Address to

  • In the VLANs section, remove client-vlan from the Selected column.

  • Add yyy-vlan to the Selected column.

  • Click Save & Next at the bottom of the screen

Proxy Server Settings - New IP and VLAN
  • The Egress Settings screen will load. Wait a moment for the yellow "Deploy" ribbon to appear. When it does, click the Deploy button (see example below).

    Deploy Ribbon on Egress Settings

  • Click OK to acknowledge the successful deployment.