Migration to VELOS

F5 understands migrating configurations to new platforms can be a challenge and we’ve developed a tool that will help customers migrate existing BIG-IP configurations into VELOS tenants. F5 BIG-IP Journeys app assists with migrating a configuration from any BIG-IP between versions 11.5.0 and 14.1.3 onto the VELOS platform, which as of now runs on BIG-IP version 14.1.4 & 15.1.4. It allows:

  • Flagging source configuration feature parity gaps and fixing them with custom or F5 recommended solutions, automated deployment of the updated configuration to VELOS VM tenant and post-deployment validation.
  • List of possibly unsupported configuration features for the VELOS platform that the journeys app is able to catch.

The Journeys app is available for download at the F5 DevCentral Github site. It will be enhanced to add additional migration use cases such as per-app migration and AS3 conversion in future releases: