QKView and iHealth


The QKView utility collects diagnostic data about the cluster, the CNFs Pods, and information about the CNF configurations such as Custom Resources, secrets, serviceAccounts, configMaps, etc. The collected data is stored in a diagnostic tarball that can be uploaded to the iHealth website and reviewed by your team, or shared with F5 Support when opening a support case.

_images/spk_info.png Note: The CNFs 1.1.0 QKView is considered Early Access (EA). EA features are unsupported, and are made available to get customer feedback on feature functionality and stability.

This document demonstrates how to run the QKView utility on you local workstation, and upload the file to the iHealth website.

_images/spk_info.png Note: You must have an F5 Login account to upload QKView files to iHealth.

Ensure you have:


Use the procedures below to generate the qkview diagnostic tarball, and upload it to the iHealth website.

Running QKView

Use these steps to generate the QKView diagnostic tarball.

  1. Download the QKView tarball, and the QKView md5sum files.

  2. Verify the integrity of the downloaded file:

    Note: The output from the cat and the md5sum commands should match.

    cat qkview-packaging.tar.gz.md5
    9c5450dcef6009ce3c153d2c29f2c8ad  qkview-packaging.tar.gz
    md5sum qkview-packaging.tar.gz
    9c5450dcef6009ce3c153d2c29f2c8ad  qkview-packaging.tar.gz
  3. Extract the qkview-packaging.tar.gz file:

    tar xvf qkview-packaging.tar.gz
  4. List the qkview files:

    ls -1

    The following files should be available.

  5. Ensure the QKVivew files are executable:

    chmod 755 qkview-wrapper-* qkview-collector.sh
  6. Run the qkview utility for your type of workstation: Linux or Darwin (Mac):

    In this example, the -n option targets the namespace to gather data from.

    ./qkview-wrapper-darwin -f ./qkview-collector.sh -n cnf-gateway
  7. The completed diagnostic file will appear in the directory as:

  8. Continue to the next section.

Uploading to iHealth

Use these steps to upload the QKView diagnostic tarball to the iHealth website.

  1. Log in to the iHealth website at https://ihealth.f5.com/qkview-analyzer/.
  2. Click Upload toward the top left.
  3. Click Choose and navigate to the iHealth_qkview-packaging.tar.gz file on your local workstation.
  4. Click Open.
  5. If you opened a support case, add the case number to the F5 Support Case (SR) field.
  6. Click Upload QKView(s).
  7. The uploaded qkview link will appear at the top of the list and can be used to view the collected data.


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