Release Notes

F5 Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs) for OpenShift - 1.1.1

New Features and Improvements

  • The tmm.add_k8s_routes parameter enables the Traffic Management Microkernel’s (TMM) default gateway to be configured using either BGP or the F5BigNetStaticroute Custom Resource (CR) without impacting Kubernetes control plane traffic. When enabled (true), a Helm hook will obtain and add the Kubernetes Pod and Service IPv4/IPv6 networks to the TMM routing table. Refer to the TMM section of BIG-IP Controller overview for additional information.
  • ECMP is now enabled for BGP load balancing on the application (downstream) and subscriber (upstream) side of TMM. Refer to the Enabling ECMP for Load Balancing Traffic section of BGP Overview for additional information.
  • F5BigLogHslpub CR with ipfix logging enabled specifies remote servers with IP/port and a UDP profile named ‘ipfix’ for the protocol version. Refer to the Installation section of F5BigLogHslpub for additional information.

Bug Fixes

1324605 (Ingress)

In the Fluentd container, the CNF ingress stdout logs are now visible.

1289245 (Ingress)

When installing f5-cert-manager, image repository paths now need to be provided in an overrides file at deployment time.

1289217 (Ingress)

When installing F5ingress, image repository paths now need to be provided in an overrides file at deployment time.

1340625 (TMM)

The lifetime of the certificate in TMM for communicating with DSSM has now been extended to a duration of 360 days, aiming to mitigating any potential certificate reloading issue in TMM.

Known Issues

1343693 (TMM)

An intermittent TMM crash is observed when the SNAT Pool member profile is changed from TCP to UDP in a secure context.

Software upgrades

For assistance with software upgrades, refer to the Upgrading CNFs overview.

Next step

Continue to the Cluster Requirements guide to ensure the cluster has the required software components.