Taking a Capture from the F5

Let's take the information we have gathered so far and take a packet capture from the F5.

  1. Start Putty and launch the bigip01 SSH session.

  2. Login as root user. Password is 'P@ssw0rd!'.

  3. List the destination address of the virtual on the F5 using the following command:

    tmsh list ltm virtual /Sample_04/A1/serviceMain |grep destination
  4. Now take the destination IP address and compose a tcpdump command to track the traffic coming to this virtual server:

    tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnnp -s0 -w /var/tmp/hackazon.pcap host
  5. After starting the capture, start Chrome and click on the Hackazon bookmark. Browse around the site following a couple links. Next go to the address bar and type in: "". Then stop the capture in the putty session by using 'Ctrl+c'.

  6. Open WinSCP on the Windows jumpbox. Download the hackazon.pcap file to the local box.

  7. Now open Wireshark and open the hackazon.pcap file you just copied from the F5.

  8. If you run into issues copying the hackazon.pcap file to the jumpbox you can use the already created file in the My Documents folder hackazon-sample.pcap.