2.5. Enable NTLM authentication on explicit proxy topologyΒΆ

The f5labs_explicit topology does not perform user authentication by default. You will now enable NTLM authentication for all users who connect to the explicit proxy.

  1. From the Main menu on the left, select SSL Orchestrator > Configuration
SSL Orchestrator -> Configuration
  1. In the Topology list click on sslo_f5labs_explicit. The topology summary screen will appear.
  2. Click the edit icon (Pencil Icon) to the right of Interception Rule
Edit Interception Rule from Topology Summary
  1. Select /Common/f5labs-ntlm-ap from the Access Profile drop down menu
Access Profile for NTLM Authentication
  1. Click Save & Next at the bottom of the screen
  2. The Egress Settings screen will load. Wait a moment for the yellow "Deploy" ribbon to appear. When it does, click the Deploy button (see example below).
Deploy Ribbon on Egress Settings
  1. Click OK to acknowledge the successful deployment.