2.7. Enable and test authentication offloadΒΆ

  1. Start a Web Shell to Ubuntu18.04 Services (Systems > Ubuntu18.04 Services > ACCESS > Web Shell). MAKE SURE you are accessing Ubuntu18.04 Services and not the Ubuntu18.04 Client.
Unbuntu Services Web Shell Access
  1. Enter the following commands in the Web Shell - NOTE You will need to type these commands into the Web Shell as it lacks copy-and-paste capabilities:
tail -f -n 0 /var/log/squid/access.log
  1. Visit a few secure (HTTPS) websites (non-banking) using Chrome on the Windows Client and confirm that access is still being logged. You should see log entries of the sites and URLs visited but the username field (immediately after the URI) will be blank ("-"), similar to the example below:
Proxy Access Log

SSL Orchestrator does not pass authenticated usernames to a proxy service unless explicitly configured to do so. In the next step you will enable this feature.

  1. On SSL Orchestrator select SSL Orchestrator > Configuration from the Main menu on the left
SSL Orchestrator -> Configuration
  1. Click Services on the horizontal menu and then click on ssloS_SquidProxy. The Summary page will load for the Squid proxy service.
SSL Configuration -> Services
  1. Click the edit icon (Pencil Icon) to the right of Service
ssloS_SquidProxy - Services
  1. Scroll down the Service Properties screen and select the Authentication Offload checkbox. Doing so will cause SSL Orchestrator to inject an "X-Authenticated-User" header into the HTTP payload of traffic it directs to the Squid proxy service.
Authentication Offload Option
  1. Click the Save & Next button and confirm by clicking the OK button in the pop-up that appears.
  2. The Service Chain List screen will load. Wait a moment for the yellow "Deploy" ribbon to appear. When it does, click the Deploy button.
Service Chain Deploy
  1. Click OK to acknowledge the successful deployment.
  2. Visit a few more secure (HTTPS) websites (non-banking) using Chrome on the Windows Client. You should now see your username logged along with the HTTP requests you sent, similar to the example below:
Proxy Access Log with Mike's Username
  1. Press <CTRL+C> to stop the tail tool.


This is the end of the lab module.