2.7. Create a new "Cisco Firepower" Service ChainΒΆ

You now need to create a new Service Chain containing only the Cisco Firepower TAP service.

  • On the Service Chain List screen click the Add button to create a new Service Chain
  • On the Service Chain Properties screen enter the following values:
    • Name - enter CiscoFP_TAP as the service chain name
    • Description - enter Cisco Firepower TAP only as the description.
    • Services - select the Cisco Firepower service (ssloS_CiscoFP) under Services Available and click on the right arrow to move it to the Selected Service Chain Order side.
  • Click the Save button
Cisco Firepower Service Configuration

  • You will return to the Service Chain List where you should see three Service Chains.

    Updated Service Chain List
  • Click the Save & Next button

  • Click the Deploy button. This action will take a moment. Verify that the deployment was successful with no errors.

  • When successfully deployed, the following pop-up should appear:

    Successful Deployment
  • Click the OK button to return to the SSL Orchestrator Configuration screen.