An iRule is a script that executes against network traffic passing through a BIG-IP Next instance. iRules provide the capability to write simple, network-aware pieces of code that influence network traffic in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking to do some form of custom persistence or rate limiting that is not currently available within the built-in options of a product, or to completely customize the user experience by controlling the flow or even the contents of a given session/packet(s), iRules can provide the functionality.

You can configure iRules on BIG-IP Next Central Manager. In BIG-IP, an iRule is an individual object attached to a virtual server; in BIG-IP Next, an iRule is an attribute configured with a virtual server. You cannot refer to objects based on names created; objects are referred by the UUID auto-generated during object creation.

iRules are similar in BIG-IP and BIG-IP Next with some exceptions to commands and configuration methods. For more information on BIG-IP iRules, see iRules Home.

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