Overview: Security Reports

Security reports are used to produce a summary of your WAF protected applications, or policies. When generating a security report summary, you can either use a system-provided template, or a custom report. Once you prompt BIG-IP Next Central Manager to generate a report, you will recieve a summary of incoming requests, trends in violations, an overview of a policy or application over a certain time, and potential vulnerabilities to an attack.

Based on the security report selected, a PDF is created and exported to your local system. The security reports summary details information relating to the policy or application and the top results are based on the overall detected attacks, followed by the top applications or policies by category selections. In addition, the security report summary compares the last time period to the previous time period’s report.

Note: Security report summaries are only generated manually. The security report itself provides the configuration of specific objects and data you would like to review once you generate a security report summary.

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