Ingress Controller Reference

The SPK Ingress Controller and Traffic Management Microkernel (TMM) configuration parameters. Each heading below represents the top-level parameter element. For example, to set the Controller’s watchNamespace, use controller.watchNamespace.


Parameters to configure the Ingress Controller.

Parameter Description
watchNamespace The Namespace to watch for Service and CRD update events.
fluentbit_sidecar.enabled Enable to disable the fluentbit logging sidecar (true /false). The default is true. The hostname of the Fluentd container. The default is
fluentbig_sidecar.fluentd.port The service port of the Fluend container. The default is 54321.


Parameters to configure TMM when installing the Ingress Controller.

Parameter Description
replicaCount Number of SPK TMMs desired in the replicaset.
hostNetwork Enable TMM pods to use host network namespace.
cniNetworks Comma-seperated list of CNI network interfaces used by TMM.
icni2.enabled Enable OVN-Kubernetes annotations (true/false).
resources.limits.cpu The number of TMM threads to allocate.
resources.limits.hugepages-2Mi The amount of hugepages to allocate: (1.5GB X TMM threads) + 512MB.
resources.limits.memory The amount of memory to allocate: (1.5GB X TMM threads) + 512MB.
vxlan.enabled Enable VXLAN configuration for this TMM deployment (true/false). VXLAN tunnel name.
vxlan.localIp VXLAN local IP address.
vxlan.selfIp VXLAN self IP address.
vxlan.port VXLAN port.
vxlan.key VXLAN key.
vxlan.staticRouteNodeNetmask Netmask for static routes to nodes.
vxlan.staticRoutePoolMemberNetmask Netmask for static routes to pool members.


Parameters to configure BGP. For configuration assistance, refer to the BGP Overview.

Parameter Description
enabled Enable the TMM dynamic routing container.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.hostname Sets the BGP Hostname.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.logFile Sets the name and location for the BGP log file.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.debugs BGP array of debug.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.asn TMM's BGP Autonomous System Number.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.maxPathsEbgp BGP maximum number of paths for External BGP (2-64). Disable with 'null' value.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.maxPathsIbgp BGP maximum number of paths for Internal BGP (2-64). Disable with 'null' value.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors BGP router array of neighbors.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors.ip BGP router neighbors IP.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors.acceptsIPv4 Advertise IPv4 virtual server addresses neighbors. true enables - empty string disables.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors.acceptsIPv6 Advertise IPv6 virtual server addresses to neighbors. true enables - empty string disables.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors.ebgpMultihop Sets the BGP TTL (range: 1-255).
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors.password BGP router neighbors Password.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.gracefulRestartTime BGP graceful restart time.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.routeMap The name of the routeMaps use to filter neighbor routes. The name of the prefixList entry.
tmmRouting.config.prefixList.seq The order of the prefixList entry.
tmmRouting.config.prefixList.deny Allow or deny the prefixList entry.
tmmRouting.config.prefixList.prefix The IP address subnet to filter. The name of the routeMaps object applied to the neighbor
tmmRouting.config.routeMaps.seq The order of the routeMaps entry.
tmmRouting.config.routeMaps.deny Allow or deny the routeMaps entry.
tmmRouting.config.routeMaps.match The name of the referenced prefixList.
tmmRouting.config.bgp.neighbors.fallover Enable BFD fallover between peers: true / false.
tmmRouting.config.bfd.interface Sets the BFD peering interface.
tmmRouting.config.bfd.interval Configures the BFD transmission interval (50-999).
tmmRouting.config.bfd.minrx Configures BFD minimum receive interval (50-999).
tmmRouting.config.bfd.multiplier Configures the BFD multiplier (3-50).


Parameters to send TMM logging data to the Fluentd Logging container.

_images/spk_info.png Note: f5-toda-logging is a subchart of the Ingress Helm chart.

Parameter Description
enabled Enable or disable TMM logging: true (default) or false. Sets the fluentd service name used as a target to send logging information.
sidecar.image.repository Sidecar regitry name.
tmstats.config.image.repository The path of f5-toda-tmstatsd image.


Parameters for the Debug Sidecar.

Parameter Description
image.repository Debug registry name.