F5SPKIngressUDP Reference

The F5SPKIngressUDP Custom Resource (CR) configuration parameters. Each heading below represents the top-level parameter element. For example, to set the Kubernetes Service name, use service.name.


Parameter Description
name Name of the Kubernetes Service providing access to the Pods.
port The exposed port for the service.


Parameter Description
destinationAddress The external IPv4 address of the application. Defaults to localhost (
destinationPort The external service port of the application.
spec.category The F5SPKVlan category to associate with the virtual server.
ipv6destinationAddress The external IPv6 address of the application.
snat Translate the source IP address of ingress packets to TMM's self IP addresses. Use SRC_TRANS_AUTOMAP to enable, and SRC_TRANS_NONE to disable (default).
serviceDownAction The action to take when the service associated with the pool is marked down by a monitor or removed by Kubernetes: POOLMBR_ACTION_NONE (default), POOLMBR_ACTION_REJECT, POOLMBR_ACTION_DROP, or POOLMBR_ACTION_RESELECT. See K15095 for more detail.
allowNoPayload Allow the passage of datagrams containing header information, but no essential data: true / false. The default is true.
bufferMaxBytes The ingress buffer byte limit. The default value is 655350. Maximum allowed value is 16777215.
bufferMaxPackets The ingress buffer packet limit. The default value is 0. Maximum allowed value is 255.
datagramLoadBalancing Provides the ability to load balance UDP datagram by datagram: true / false. The default is false.
idleTimeout The number of seconds that a connection is idle before the connection is eligible for deletion. The default value is 60 seconds.
ipDFMode Describe the outgoing packet Don't Fragment (DF) bit. Modes: Pmtu - Set the packet DF big based on the ip pmtu setting. Preserve - Preserve the incoming packet DF bit. Set - Set the outgoing UDP packet DF bit. Clear -Clear the outgoing UDP packet DF bit.
ipTTLMode Describe the outgoing packet TTL. Modes are: Proxy - Set the IPv4 TTL to 255 and IPv6 to 64. Preserve - Preserve the original IP TTL value. Decrement - Set IP TTL to original packet TTL minus 1. Set - Set IP TTL to values from ip-ttl-v4 and ip-ttl-v6 in the same profile.
ipTosToClient The Type of Service level assigned to packets sent to clients. The default value is 0 (zero).
linkQosToClient The Quality of Service level assigned to packets sent to clients. The default value is 0 (zero).
loadBalancingMethod The traffic load balancing algorithm used.
noChecksum Enables checksum processing. If IPv6, always perform checksum processing (true/false). The default value is false.
proxyMss Advertise the same MSS to the server as negotiated with the client (true/false). The default value is false.
sendBufferSizes The send buffer byte limit (536 to 16777215). The default value is 655350.
vlans.vlanList A list specifying VLANs to listen for application traffic.
vlans.category Specifies an F5SPKVlan category parameter value to either allow or deny ingress traffic.
vlans.disableListedVlans Disables the VLANs specified with the vlanList parameter: true (default) or false. Excluding one VLAN may simplify having to enable many VLANS.


_images/spk_warn.png Important: The spec.persist parameter requires the dSSM Database to store session persistence records.

Parameter Description
spec.persist.mode Specifies the type of persistence: PERSIST_TYPE_NONE (default) or PERSIST_TYPE_SRCADDR - direct session requests to the same endpoint based on the client's source IP address.
spec.persist.timeout Specifies the duration for the session persistence entries. The default value is 180 seconds.
spec.persist.hashAlg Specifies the algorithm the system uses for hash persistence load balancing: PERSIST_HASH_DEFAULT (default) - use an index of the pool members (endpoints) to determine the hash, or PERSIST_HASH_CARP - use the Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP) to determine the hash.
spec.persist.ipv4PrefixLength Specifies the IPv4 prefix length that you want to use as the mask: 0-32. The default value is 32.
spec.persist.ipv6PrefixLength Specifies the IPv6 prefix length that you want to use as the mask: 0-128. The default value is 128.


Parameter Description
icmp.interval Specifies in seconds the monitor check frequency. The default value is 5.
icmp.timeout Specifies in seconds the time in which the target must respond. The default value is 16.
icmp.username The username for HTTP authentication.
icmp.password The password for HTTP authentication.
icmp.serversslProfileName Specifies the server side SSL profile the monitor will use to ping the target.