Lab 5.1 - Import a WAF Policy

Import a policy from BIG-IP AWAF v16

Note: You need to export the AWAF policy in “Full JSON” format from BIG-IP AWAF (available from v16 and above) to import it directly in BIG-IP Next CM. You can find an exported v17 policy example in the WAF policy folder on the Windows Desktop of the Jump Host.

  1. Login to the Windows Jump Host
  • Open the Chrome Browser on the Windows Jump Host
  • Click on the BIG-IP Next Central Manager Favorite and login into the BIG-IP Next Central Manager in UDF, as explained in module 0

  1. Go to the “Security” section and click and click on “Import”

  1. Choose the file “” from the WAF policies folder on the Windows Desktop and click on “Import”

  1. Finally you should see the imported policy on the “Policies” list.

Note: The “0” in the Applications column shows you that the policy is not assigned to an application. Module 4 explains how to assign a policy to an application.


Congratulations - You have finished Module 5