Review the NGINX Plus & Grafana Dashboard StatisticsΒΆ

This section is optional and showcases the use of NGINX Dashboard (included with NGINX Plus).

  1. Return to Firefox and open a new tab. Click the NGINX+ Dashboard bookmark.
  1. The landing page gives you an overview of the current traffic statistics. Click on HTTP Upstreams.
  1. The HTTP Upstreams section shows all your Kubernetes endpoints.
  1. The additional detail provided in the NGINX Dashboard is provided via Snippets that are enabled in the values.yaml file and directives called out in arcadia-vs.yml file.
  1. Here is a small section showing how the snippet directive was used in arcadia-vs.yml file.
  1. Open a new tab in Firefox and click the Grafana bookmark.
  1. Log in using the lab / AppWorld2024! credentials.
  1. Click on the Dashboards icon and select Dashboards from the left menu.
  1. Click on the NGINX Plus Ingress Controller dashboard in the list.
  1. This section shows Prometheus exporting NGINX Ingress Controller data to Grafana. For a full list of metrics exported please see this link.
  1. Expand the sections in the dashboard to see the related statistics.

This concludes the NGINX Ingress Controller deployment for NGINX App Protect.