4.3. Test Cases

The App Services Integration iApp package includes a comprehensive test framework that uses the deploy_iapp_bigip.py helper script to test the functionality of the template.

The use cases are contained within the test directory of the source tree. The


files within this directory represent the input variables used to test the specific use case. Users of the App Services Integration iApp template can refer to the test case JSON files as the authoritative source for implemented functionality. The Presentation Layer Reference also includes links to each test case that references a particular input variable. By examining the test case templates a user can determine additional functionality that is available but has not been covered in a specific lab.

Developers interested in running the test framework would use the run_tests.py script. The script can be run with the


option to obtain more information. To run the complete test framework the following prerequisite steps are required:


The test script currently requires unix-style utilities (scp/ssh). Linux and Mac OS have these utilities installed or available. To run the test framework on a Windows system please install Cygwin.

  1. Provision your BIG-IP device with the following modules in at a ‘nominal’ level:

    • LTM
    • APM
    • ASM
    • AFM
  2. Configure NTP and DNS servers on the BIG-IP system. DNS servers should be able to resolve internet host names.

  3. Untar remote_url_files.tar.gz to the root of a webserver.

  4. Provide the IP address of the server to run_tests.py with the

    -b <IP Address>


  5. Build the template using the command

    python build.py -nd -b test/bundled.test
  6. Upload the template to the BIG-IP (deploy_iapp_bigip.py can be used)

  7. Monitor the deployment log on BIG-IP using

    tail f /var/tmp/scriptd.out

If you are running our functional tests you will need a real BIG-IP® to run them against, but you can get one of those pretty easily in [Amazon EC2](https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00JL3UASY/ref=srh_res_product_title?ie=UTF8&sr=0-10&qid=1449332167461).

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