5.1. How to use App Services iApp with iWorkflow

For your convenience we’ve created a ZIP file containing the JSON payloads that you will need to run service templates on iWorkflow.

Here are steps to use the App Services iApp with iWorkflow:

  1. Download the F5 supported version of iWorkflow_appsvcs_integration_v2.0.004.json from F5 GitHub:

  2. Import the iApp to iWorkFlow by posting iWorkflow_appsvcs_integration_v2.0.004.json to the


    endpoint (Detailed instructions:



  3. Discover a new BIG-IP device in iWorkFlow GUI if you don’t have any (Detailed instructions:



  4. Create a local connector following instructions provided here:

  5. Create a tenant user with LDAP provider or Active Directory provider (Detailed instructions:



  6. For tenant convenience, we provide service templates that cover most popular use cases:

  • f5-fasthttp-lb_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-fastl4-tcp-lb_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-fastl4-udp-lb_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-http-lb_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-http-url-routing-lb_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-https-offload_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-https-waf-lb_v2.0.004.json

To upload service templates iWorkflow Administrator should send them by POST method to


If you want to create your own JSON service template please read this document:

  1. Create service using one of provided in step 6 JSON service templates or your own. (Detailed instructions:



Alternatively, you can also use service that we built for you based on JSON service templates from step 6:

  • f5-fasthttp-lb-service_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-fastl4-tcp-lb-service_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-fastl4-udp-lb-service_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-http-lb-service_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-http-url-routing-lb-service_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-https-offload-service_v2.0.004.json
  • f5-https-waf-lb-service_v2.0.004.json

To upload particular service POST the *.service.json file to


as authenticated tenant user (basic auth or f5-token) that was created in step 5. In your *.service.json change placeholders { eg. {{appsvcs_vip_addr}} to values from your environment.

To create asm policy for f5-https-waf-lb-service_v2.0.004.json POST the payload described below to


or use REST proxy to run this command (Detailed instructions:



  "utilCmdArgs":"-c 'tmsh create asm policy /Common/{{policy_name}} active encoding utf-8 policy-builder enabled'"

User Guide for App Services iApp:


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