Introduced : ARX V5.02.000 A structure that contains the details of a file change response.
Member Type Description
count long Number of file changes returned from FileChangeResponse
more boolean This is set to true when there are more file changes left to retrieve for this session and false when there are no more changes left to retrieve for the session. When this is true, the user should call get_notifications to retrieve the next batch of file changes.
error_code long Reserved for future development. Errors will be handled through the SOAP fault mechanism.
change_idx String The change index is used as a placeholder while retrieving batches of file changes. This value is provided to get_notifications in order to get the next set of file changes.
src_root String Parent directory path of all file sources returned in this response.
dst_root String Parent directory path of all file destinations returned in this response. This field is empty if it is the same as FileChangeResponse
changes FileChangeDefinition A list of file change details.

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