Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.1.0
Gets the ltm virtual server associated with the global server.


String [] get_ltm_virtual_server(
    in GlobalLB__VirtualServerID [] virtual_servers


Parameter Type Description
virtual_servers VirtualServerID [] Set of virtual servers to modify.

Return Type

Type Description
String [] Description of each specified virtual server.


Exception Description
Common::AccessDenied Raised if the client credentials are not valid.
Common::InvalidArgument Raised if one of the arguments is invalid.
Common::OperationFailed Raised if an operation error occurs.

See Also

#Add SnapIn for iControl
Add-PSSnapIn iControlSnapIn

#Declare variables
$BIGIP = "serverUrl"
$User = "username"
$Pass = "password"

#Initialize iControl
Initialize-F5.iControl -HostName $BIGIP -Username $User -Password $Pass
$ic = Get-F5.iControl

#Get list of all GTM Virtual Servers
$GTMlist = $ic.GlobalLBVirtualServerV2.get_list()

#Loop through virtual servers
foreach ($server in $GTMlist)
    #Get the associated LTM virtual server
    $LTMVirtualServer = $ic.GlobalLBVirtualServerV2.get_ltm_virtual_server($server)
    #Output to screen
    write-host $LTMVirtualServer

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