Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.4.0
A struct that describes firewall policy rule statistics and timestamp.
Member Type Description
statistics FirewallPolicyRuleStatisticEntry [] [] The statistics for a sequence of firewall rules. A simple firewall rule has just one set of statistics for the rule. If the rule has an attached rule list, there can be more than one set of statistics for the rule, where each of those statistic sets is for a rule inside the rule list. The outer sequence returned is thus for each rule queried, and the inner sequence has a result for that rule. If the rule was a simple rule, the inner sequence has just one element. If the rule queried had a rule list, then the inner sequence has a flat array of results for each leaf rule. Note: If the policy and rule is used in more than one context, then the results for querying one rule will yield an array with more than one result: each result will state the actual rule used (if using a rule list) and will state the context for the rule. Example: query for rules r1, r2, where rule r1 is a simple rule and r2 is a rule with rule list rl1, and inside rl1 is myrule1 and myrule2. The result will be FORMATTER ERROR (“:” and “&” not supported in Page Names).
time_stamp TimeStamp The time stamp at the time the statistics are gathered.

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