Introduced : BIG-IP_v10.0.1
A structure that contains information on software status. This includes items like product, version, build, and (live install) completion status.
Member Type Description
installation_id InstallationID The location for the status.
product String The product you are installing (ex: BIGIP) (or, product which is installed).
version String The version of product (ex: 9.6.0).
build String The build number you are installing.
base_build String The base build (used for hotfixes).
active boolean Whether the boot location is active.
edition String Gives the edition, e.g.”Hotfix HF4” (used for hotfixes).
status String A string indicating the status of the live install process. The status strings are “none”, “audited”, “retry”, “upgrade needed”, “waiting for image”, “installing nn.mmm pct”, “complete”, “cancelling”, “cancelled”, and “failed”. The “failed” string may have text giving a reason after it. The “waiting for image” string may have further text after it describing the image being awaited. A client should ignore any strings returned other than these. You can use the status field to monitor the completion status of a live install operation in process. When checking status, you should ensure that the product, version, and build reflect the software whose status you are interested in (because there are a few scenarios where the product, version, and build for a volume may not be updated as quickly as you might expect).

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