What is F5 BIG-IP Container Ingress Services?

F5 BIG-IP Container Ingress Services (CIS) lets you manage your F5 BIG-IP device from Kubernetes or OpenShift using either environment’s native CLI/API.

The F5 BIG-IP CIS (k8s-bigip-ctlr) is a cloud-native connector that can use either Kubernetes or OpenShift as a BIG-IP orchestration platform.

CIS watches the Kubernetes API for specially formatted resources, and updates the BIG-IP system configuration accordingly.


Releases and Versioning

This documentation set applies to the following versions of each F5 Container Integrations component:

Component Version
BIG-IP Controller for Kubernetes v1.0.x-1.14.x, v2.0.0
BIG-IP Controller for OpenShift v1.0.x-1.14.x, v2.0.0

For more details, see the Release Notes.

Container Ingress Service compatibility

The tables below show the versions used in development testing. The F5 Container Ingress Service may work with versions not shown here; F5 has not verified functionality in those versions.

BIG-IP Controller/Platform compatibility
Connector Version(s) Platform Version(s) BIG-IP version(s) AS3

BIG-IP Controller for Kubernetes


v1.10-v1.14 v2.0.0 Kubernetes v1.13-v1.18 v12.x-v15.x v3.13-v3.18

BIG-IP Controller for OpenShift

k8s-bigip-ctlr using AS3

v1.10-v1.14 v2.0.0 OpenShift v3.11-v4.3 v12.x-v15.x v3.13-v3.18
k8s-bigip-ctrl using CCCL v1.10-v1.14 OpenShift v3.11-v4.2 v12.x-v13.x none


F5 Networks is a Red Hat Certified Container Partner. Please see the Red Hat Container Catalog for more information.


To provide feedback on Container Ingress Services or this documentation, you can file a GitHub Issue.