4.5. Review Ansible Variables File

An Ansible variables file was created by the accompanying Terraform from a previous lab exercise.

Copy the variables file from the Terraform working directory to the Ansible working directory:

cp ../terraform-aws-sslo/ansible_vars.yaml .

Review these files with Visual Studio Code (VSCode) by executing the following:

code .

'code' + <space> + <dot>

Wait for VSCode to launch and display the file list in the left panel.

Click on ansible_vars.yaml to view the file. VSCode provides YAML syntax highlighting to help with format validation and readability.


Variables are set as follows:

Variables File
Variable Description
ansible_host The public IP address of BIG-IP (SSL Orchestrator)
ansible_httpapi_password The 'admin' user password of BIG-IP (SSL Orchestrator)
snort1_host The TO Service IP address of the first L3 inspection device
snort2_host The TO Service IP address of the second L3 inspection device
webapp_pool The private IP address of the Wordpress application server
sslo_vip The private IP address of the BIG-IP (SSL Orchestrator) Virtual Server