4.2. Ansible Modules for SSL Orchestrator

F5 offers the following Ansible collections to create, edit, update, and delete configuration objects for BIG-IP and BIG-IQ:

  • F5 Imperative Collection for Ansible (f5_modules)
  • F5 Declarative Collection for Ansible (f5_bigip)

General documentation can be found here: F5 Ansible Collections

4.2.1. f5_modules

This is the original collection that leverages F5's imperative API calls to provide granular BIG-IP object configuration.

The complete module list is here: f5_modules

4.2.2. f5_bigip

This is a newer collection that leverages F5's declarative API extensions such as those available with the F5 Automation Toolchain . SSL Orchestrator configuration modules are also available here.

The complete module list is here: f5_bigip


As of May, 2022, the SSL Orchestrator modules are available as a pre-release preview, so they may contain bugs and are subject to change in functionality and/or usage syntax.

This lab uses modules from both collections.

Additional references: