4.3. Example Ansible PlaybooksΒΆ

The GitHub repository's ansible directory contains a set of example playbooks to configure SSL Orchestrator:

  • Inbound Layer 3 Topology
    • config-sslo-inbound-l3-complete.yaml: Deploys an inbound layer 3 Topology with 2 L3 Services, 2 Service Chains, Security Policy, VIP, SSL Profiles, and an application Pool.
  • Inbound existing application Topology
    • config-sslo-existing-app-1sslo.yaml: Deploy an SSL Orchestrator existing application configuration with Services, Service Chains, and Security Policy.
    • config-sslo-existing-app-2ltm.yaml: Deploy a simple LTM application (VIP, SSL Profiles, Pool) and attach the SSL Orchestrator existing application Security Policy.
  • Delete Utility
    • utility-sslo-delete-all.yaml: Delete all SSL Orchestrator configuration objects.
  • Revoke license Utility
    • utility-revoke-license.yaml: Revoke BIG-IP license so that it can be re-used.