Manage shell preferences

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/cli/preference/~resource id
Resource Methods


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
aliasPath string   optional read/write Specifies search paths for cli aliases. The aliases could be in multiple locations, only ones in the search paths can be used.
confirmEdit string enabled optional read/write Specifies whether to confirm each edit command before saving the change. The confirmation step requires a (y/n/e) (yes, no, edit) response before the update is submitted. When disabled the update is immediately submitted when you exit the editor. The default is enabled. tmsh will always prompt to re-edit the item(s) if for any reason the update fails.
displayThreshold integer 100 optional read/write Specifies the maximum number of objects that tmsh will display without requiring a user response to the question, “Display all <number> items? (y/n)”. You can specify from 0 (zero) through 4,294,967,265 objects. 0 (zero) specifies that tmsh will display any number of objects without the warning.
editor string vi optional read/write Specify the editor that will be used by the edit command. Access to vi is limited to users with the administrator or resource administrator role.
historyDateTime string   optional read/write Specifies whether the date and time that each command was issued will be shown when the command history is displayed. The default is disabled.
historyFileSize integer 10000 optional read/write Specifies the maximum number of commands in your .tmsh_history file
historySize integer 500 optional read/write Specifies the number of commands available using history commands.
keymap string default optional read/write Specifies keyboard bindings for command line editing.
listAllProperties string disabled optional read/write When enabled, and you run the “list” command, the system displays all of the properties of the specified components. When disabled, and you run the list command, the system displays only the properties with non-default values. That is, properties that a user has modified. When you run the list command, you can override this preference setting by specifying “list … non-default-properties”. Note that there are some components for which the system always displays all properties.
pager string enabled optional read/write Specifies whether or not long displays will be sent to less.
tmPartition string Common optional read/write Displays the partition of a user’s preferences. Non-default user-preferences will be stored in the same partition as that of the user.
prompt string   optional read/write The configurable elements of the prompt. The “user” option will show the user name. The “host” option will show the host name. The “status” option will show high level system status. The “admin-partitions” option will show the current query and update partitions. If the “multi-line” option is set then all of the option information will be on the first line, followed by a line that contains “# “.
showAliases string enabled optional read/write Specifies whether command aliases display in the help output.
showImportedVersions string disabled optional read/write Indicates whether to display imported tmsh versions in cli version command. By default, it is disabled.
statUnits string default optional read/write Specifies the units with which the system displays statistics. When you set this option to default, the tmsh shell selects the unit with which to display statistics.
suppressWarnings string none optional read/write Specifies the type of warning messages which need to be suppressed. The default value is none.
tableIndentWidth integer 2 optional read/write Specifies the indent width when tmsh displays the child object tables in a show command. You can specify from 0 (zero) through 10. If you set this option to 0 (zero), tmsh displays child object tables without any indent.
tclSyntaxHighlighting string disabled optional read/write Specifies whether Tcl syntax highlighting will be enabled in the editor. This setting only applies if your editor preference is set to vi. The default value is disabled.
user string   optional read/write  
video string enabled optional read/write Enables or disables any video features used to highlight text. The default value is “enabled”.
warn string bell optional read/write Specifies the manner in which the tmsh shell issues a warning. If you set this option to bell, the tmsh shell issues an audible beep. If you set this option to visual-bell, the shell displays a warning on the screen. If you disable this option, the tmsh shell does not issue a warning.
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