Big-IP monitor configuration.

REST Endpoints

Collection URI
Collection Methods
Resource URI
/mgmt/tm/gtm/monitor/bigip/~resource id
Resource Methods
Resource Natural Key
name, partition, subPath


Name Type Default Value Required Access Description
aggregateDynamicRatios string none optional read/write Specifies the monitor’s response to a query. By default, the BIG-IP monitor uses the gtm_score value as the vs_score for a Local Traffic Manager virtual server.
appService string   optional read/write The application service to which the object belongs.
defaultsFrom string   optional read/write Specifies the existing monitor from which the system imports settings for the new monitor.
description string   optional read/write User defined description.
destination string   optional read/write Specifies the IP address and service port of the resource that is the destination of this monitor. Possible values are: *:* (Specifies to perform a health check on the IP address and port supplied by a pool member), *:port (Specifies to perform a health check on the server with the IP address supplied by the pool member and the port you specify.), and <IP>:<port> (Specifies to mark a pool member up or down based on the response of the server at the IP address and port you specify.)
ignoreDownResponse string   optional read/write Specifies whether the monitor ignores a down response from the system it is monitoring. The default value is disabled.
interval integer   optional read/write Specifies the frequency at which the system issues the monitor check. The default value is 30 seconds.
tmPartition string   optional read/write Displays the administrative partition within which the monitor resides.
timeout integer   optional read/write Specifies the number of seconds the target has in which to respond to the monitor request. The default value is 90 seconds. If the target responds within the set time period, it is considered up. If the target does not respond within the set time period, it is considered down. Also, if the target responds with a RESET packet, the system immediately flags the target as down without waiting for the timeout interval to expire.
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