Lab 5.2: Onboard BIG-IQ in AWSΒΆ


Estimated time to complete: 25 minutes

There are different ways to onboard BIG-IQ in AWS:

  1. Using the F5 Trial Cloud Formation Template

This CloudFormation Template (CFT) creates two BIG-IQ VE instances:

  • a BIG-IQ Centralized Management (CM) standalone instance to configure and orchestrate instances of BIG-IP VE
  • a BIG-IQ Data Collection Device (DCD) to store analytics data.
  1. Using the F5 License Manager Cloud Formation Template

This CloudFormation Template launches and configure a standalone BIG-IQ VE or two BIG-IQ VEs in a clustered (hot-standby) configuration across Amazon Availability Zones.

  1. Using the F5 BIG-IQ Setup Documentation

Follow the documentation to bring up the BIG-IQ CM and DCD in AWS.

Once the BIG-IQ VE are up and running, Ansible Galaxy Role used in Lab 1 can be used to onboard the BIG-IQ and DCD (bigiq_onboard and register_dcd)