Lab 4.2 - Deploy the Cafe Application

  1. Create the coffee and tea deployments and services

    kubectl create -f cafe-example/cafe.yaml
  2. Create a secret with an SSL CERT and KEY for the Cafe app

    kubectl create -f cafe-example/cafe-secret.yaml
  3. Create the Ingress resource

    kubectl create -f cafe-example/cafe-ingress.yaml

Test the Application

To access the application we’ll use the browser on the jumpbox.

  1. Access your web application via firefox on the jumpbox. Open a new tab and browse to one of the following URL’s:


    If prompted with an SSL certificate warning be sure to accept the risk and continue.

    You should see something similar to the following:

    ../../_images/cafe-example-com-cofee.png ../../_images/cafe-example-com-tea.png


    Server address: The application pod IP

    Remote addr: The NGINX Ingress IP

    X-Real-IP: The client IP making the request

  2. Before starting the next class exit the session from kube-master1 and go back to the jumpbox.



This concludes Class 1 - CIS and Kubernetes. Feel free to experiment with any of the settings. The lab will be destroyed at the end of the class/day.