Module 2: AFM Packet Tester, Flow Inspector, Stale Rule Lab

The Packet Tester is a troubleshooting tool that allows a user to inject a packet into the traffic processing of BIG-IP® AFM™ and track the resulting processing by the Network Firewall, DoS prevention settings, and IP Intelligence. If the packet hits an Network Firewall, DoS Protection, or IP Intelligence rule, the rule and rule context is displayed. This allows you to troubleshoot packet issues with certain types of packets, and to check that rules for certain packets are correctly configured.

Flow inspector will allow you to query the stateful connection table on the BIG-IP using filters in the TMUI. This is helpful to view “live” during troubleshooting sessions.

Finally, a stale rule report will help you find abandoned or unused firewall rules to make reviews and cleanups easier.

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