Last updated on: 2023-08-29 10:06:08.

F5 Network Functions Virtualization

F5 offers Service Providers a suite of applications for increasing service velocity, improving network flexibility and scaling, and reducing your total cost of ownership. Network functions virtualization products include the following:

Product Solution Descriptions
F5® Virtual Network Functions Manager (VNFM)
  • Base–A basic F5 blueprint for demonstration purposes, deploying BIG-IP VEs in an open configuration model WITHOUT automated-monitoring, traffic-transferring, and resource-collecting parameters. Use this blueprint for enabling manual operations only.
  • VNF BIG-IQ–A solution blueprint instantiating a BIG-IQ HA pair that other VNFM solution blueprints use as a highly available license manager.
  • CGNAT-Offering–A blueprint solution used to implement a CGNAT for a single layer of VNFs homed on different networks, not connected to DAG layers, but instead connected to the packet gateway and the provider network.
  • DNS–A standalone F5 DNS solution blueprint that queries and translates names for client requests, translating top-level Internet domains, such as .com, .net, .gov, .edu, and .org.
  • DNS Security VNF Service–A single-purpose DNS Security VNF Service blueprint, specifically designed to clean DNS queries, and includes a standalone DNS security service layer.
  • Gi Firewall–A blueprint utilizing firewall protection services only like DDoS mitigation and intrusion protection.
  • Gi LAN–A blueprint offering full automation of scaling in and out, and healing BIG-IP VEs.