High Volume Testing, Identifying Break PointsΒΆ

Now it is time to generate a high volume of traffic and see where the breaking points are.

  1. Run Locust test with a high volume of Users

Number of Users: 2000

Spawn rate: 200


Advanced Options, Run time: 30s


Review Locust Charts


Any changes to the graphs? Were there any failures?

If seeing failures, review the Failures tab on the top row

  1. Review the logs on NGINX Proxy cli for failure reasons
sudo grep crit /var/log/nginx/error.log


What problem is identified in the nginx error logs?

3) Fix the problem by increasing the rlimit This changes the limit on the number of open files that a worker process may have

In the NIM Console, edit nginx.conf file.

Increase rlimit to 4096, by uncommenting line 5

  • worker_rlimit_nofile 4096;

Publish the new configuration.


  1. Run the same test again

Review Locust graphs


Were there improvements and were there still failures?