3.11. Guided configuration Egress SettingΒΆ


Traffic egress settings are defined per-topology and manage both the default gateway route and outbound SNAT settings.

  • Manage SNAT Settings - enables per-topology instance SNAT settings. For this lab, select Auto Map.
  • Gateways - enables per-topology instance gateway routing. The options include: use the system Default Route, use an existing gateway pool, or create a new gateway. For this lab, select Create New.
  • IPv4 Outbound Gateways - when creating a new gateway, this section provides the ratio and gateway address settings.
    • Ratio - multiple gateway IP addresses are load balanced in an LTM pool, and the ratio setting allows SSLO to proportion traffic to the gateway members, as required. A ratio of 1 for all members evenly distributes the load across them. For this lab, select 1.
    • Address - this is the next hop gateway IP address. For this lab, enter

The Egress Settings have now been configured.

  • Click Save & Next to continue to the next stage.