HTTP Methods

This section contains the current HTTP methods available with F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming.


To send your declaration to F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming, use the POST method to the URI https://<BIG-IP>/mgmt/telemetry/declare and put your declaration in the body of the post. If successful, you see a success message, and the system echoes your declaration back to you. In addition to deploying a declaration, POST supports more actions, like reporting a previous declaration (useful with remote targets since GET may only have localhost credentials) or returning the index of saved declarations.


You can use the GET method to retrieve the declarations you previously sent to F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming. Use the GET method to the URI https://<BIG-IP>/mgmt/shared/telemetry/declare. Only declarations you create in F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming return, GET does not return anything that was not created by F5 BIG-IP Telemetry Streaming.