A&O Toolchain: BIG-IP HA in Public Cloud with Terraform (Agility Labs 2023)ΒΆ


This lab relies on UDF Blueprint: Agility 2023 - A&O BIG-IP HA in Public Cloud with Terraform

The code provided for this lab was tested with BIG-IP

This is an intermediate level instructor-led class.

The instructor will present content that relates to concepts used in the accompanying hands-on lab portion of the class (detailed in this lab guide).

In this lab, you will learn how to perform the following:

  • Provision a pair of BIG-IP VE instances in AWS using Terraform
  • Onboard BIG-IP instances with F5 Automation Toolchain components - BIG-IP Runtime-init, Declarative Onboarding (DO) extension
  • Deploy a sample application with the F5 Application Services 3 (AS3) extension
  • Deploy the F5 Telemetry Streaming (TS) extension for Amazon CloudWatch integration
  • Deploy and test API-based BIG-IP failover with the F5 Cloud Failover Extension (CFE)
  • Deploy and test LB-based BIG-IP failover with AWS Network Load Balancer
  • Remove deployed AWS resources with Terraform

Expected time to complete: 4 hours

Pre-requisite: None. A basic understanding of traditional (non-cloud) BIG-IP HA configuration would be valuable, but not required.