PC201 - Deploying F5 Solutions to AWS with Terraform and iControl LX Extensions

This is a proctor led intermediate level lab.

In this lab, we’ll demystify how Terraform integrates with the F5 Automation and Orchestration toolchain to deploy and configure a dedicated AWS Security VPC. Topics covered include:

  • Terraform
  • F5 Cloud-init
  • F5 Declarative Onboarding (DO)
  • F5 Application Services 3 Extension (AS3)
  • F5 Cloud Failover Extension (CFE)
  • F5 Telemetry Streaming (TS)

We’ll also explore common public cloud use cases such as:

  • Retrofit an application with modern protocols (HTTP/2, CSP)
  • Proxy your application with F5 for comprehensive analytics
  • Protect your application with a layered application security policy to defend against Automated Threats.