These commands allow you to create AES keys, as well as encrypt and decrypt data using AES keys.

Command List

  • AES::decrypt - Decrypt the data using the previously-created AES key.
  • AES::encrypt - Encrypt the data using the previously-created AES key.
  • AES::key - Creates an AES key to encrypt/decrypt data.


These functions are affected by ID241924 and ID242479, and should not be used in BIG-IP v10.1.x or earlier.
These functions are also affected by ID224113, and a workaround is necessary. The workaround is to not use a passphrase, but to specify a key directly, in the form of “AES “, where is 128, 192, or 256. For example, “AES 128 e467128783ea04aba33aded4e6e457a5”, would be a valid 128-bit key.

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