These commands support load balancing of streaming media presentations.

Command List

  • RTSP::collect - Collects the amount of data that you specify.
  • RTSP::header - Manages headers in RTSP requests and responses.
  • RTSP::method - Returns a method/command from the current RTSP request.
  • RTSP::msg_source - Indicates whether the request or response originated from the client or the server.
  • RTSP::payload - Queries for or replaces content information.
  • RTSP::release - Releases the collected data.
  • RTSP::respond - Sends an RTSP response to the client.
  • RTSP::status - Returns the HTTP style status code from the current RTSP response.
  • RTSP::uri - Returns the complete URI of the RTSP request.
  • RTSP::version - Returns the version in the current RTSP request/response.

Event List

  • RTSP_REQUEST - Triggered after a complete request has been received from either the client or the server.
  • RTSP_REQUEST_DATA - Triggered whenever an RTSP::collect command finishes processing.
  • RTSP_RESPONSE - Triggered after a complete response has been received from either the client or the server.
  • RTSP_RESPONSE_DATA - Triggered when collection of response data is finished.