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These commands allow you to manage your UDP traffic.

Command List

  • UDP::client_port - Returns the UDP port/service number of a client system.
  • UDP::debug_queue - used to enable/disable printing debug messages
  • UDP::drop - Drops the current UDP packet without removing the flow from the connection table
  • UDP::hold - holds back processing of input packets until UDP::release is called
  • UDP::local_port - Returns the local UDP port/service number.
  • UDP::max_buf_pkts - set/get the maximum buffer packets value of a UDP connection.
  • UDP::max_rate - set/get the max tx rate of a UDP connection
  • UDP::mss - Returns the on-wire Maximum Segment Size (MSS) for a UDP connection.
  • UDP::payload - Returns the content or length of the current UDP payload.
  • UDP::release - allows client-side ingress to flow following a call to UDP::hold
  • UDP::remote_port - Returns the remote UDP port/service number.
  • UDP::respond - Sends data directly to a peer.
  • UDP::sendbuffer - set/get the maximum send buffer size of a UDP connection
  • UDP::server_port - Returns the UDP port/service number of a server system.
  • UDP::unused_port - Returns an unused UDP port for the specified IP tuple.