These commands are used to poll and/or modify IP information used in a connection

Command List

  • IP::addr - Performs comparison of IP address/subnet/supernet to IP address/subnet/supernet. or parses 4 binary bytes into an IPv4 dotted quad address.
  • IP::client_addr - Returns the client IP address of a connection
  • IP::hops - Gives you the estimated number of hops the peer takes to get to you.
  • IP::idle_timeout - Returns or sets the idle timeout value.
  • IP::ingress_drop_rate - adds ip with specified drop rate to black list table
  • IP::ingress_rate_limit - sets ingress graylist and global rate limit thresholds for the virtual
  • IP::intelligence - returns a Tcl list of IP intelligence category names for a given IP address
  • IP::local_addr - Returns the IP address of the virtual server the client is connected to or the self-ip LTM is connected from.
  • IP::protocol - Returns the IP protocol value.
  • IP::remote_addr - Returns the IP address of the host on the far end of the connection.
  • IP::server_addr - Returns the server’s IP address.
  • IP::stats - Supplies information about the number of packets or bytes being sent or received in a given connection.
  • IP::tos - Returns the ToS value encoded within a packet.
  • IP::ttl - Returns the TTL of the latest IP packet received.
  • IP::version - Returns the IP version of a connection
  • IP::reputation - Looks up the supplied IP address in the IP intelligence (reputation) database and returns a TCL list containing reputation categories

Event List

  • CLIENT_ACCEPTED - Triggered when a client has established a connection.
  • CLIENT_CLOSED - This event is fired at the end of any client connection. regardless of protocol.
  • CLIENT_DATA - Triggered each time new data is received from the client while the connection is in “collect” state.
  • CLIENTSSL_DATA - Triggered each time new SSL data is received from the client while the connection is in “collect” state.
  • SERVER_CLOSED - This event is triggered when the server side connection closes.
  • SERVER_CONNECTED - Triggered when a connection has been established with the target node.
  • SERVER_DATA - Triggered when new data is received from the target node after TCP::collect command has been issued.
  • SERVERSSL_DATA - Triggered when new SSL data is received from the target node after SSL::collect command has been issued.